Wear your style.

Let’s work together today to define your personal style.

Whether it’s couture, high street fashion, local designs, or tailor-made pieces, I love creating individual looks that support my clients’ professional and social commitments.

Growing up in the Middle East, I was always surrounded and inspired by art, design, and fashion. After graduating from university, I travelled around the world, exploring and discovering my personal shopping inclinations, while still working in a corporate business environment.

It soon became clear to me that there’s a great demand for expertise in the world of fashion. Everyone is unique and has their own fashion needs. This realization pushed me to pursue my passion for fashion and offer styling services to those willing to explore and discover their preferences. It makes me happy to see people glow in their aura!

Understanding your needs, sharing my expertise, and helping you invest your time and money in an elegant and sustainable wardrobe is what inspires me in my work. I gladly serve individuals as well as groups and businesses. Whether you need advice on a dress code event, personal shopping, or a wardrobe update – your appointment with me, your fashion stylist, is tailored to your desires.

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